Real Impact

Project spotlight

Hydroponic Fodder

We have a hydroponic fodder production system at Kichozi farm. This feed goes from seed to edible sprout within seven days.

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Vertical Bag Gardens

We are championing the concept of vertical farming, a simple technology which allows for space efficient growing.

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Moringa Leaf

At our nutrition demonstration farm we have a 500m2 area dedicated to the growing of the highly nutritious moringa olifera.

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News & views

Urban Farmers Club

May 14, 2015

Real Impact has launched the ‘Urban Farmers Club’. At the end of April the first Urban Farmers Workshop was held at Real Impact. Urban Farmers came to learn how to produce their very own nutritious […]

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Karibuni Mbuzi!

April 7, 2015

Real Impact has recently bought two milking goats, Alpine x Toggenburg cross. Within a month of arrival both goats had given birth to a healthy kid. Both mothers and kids are thriving in their new home. Real Impact will very soon be able to start milking.

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