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Agro Nutrition

Tomato bags

The link between how to grow crops and animals and which ones should be produced for optimum nutrition is not widely understood or commonly practiced.

Nutritionally balanced menus and recipes require defined quantities of specific fruits, vegetables, cereals and animal products to obtain all the minerals and vitamins needed for a healthy body and mind.

This ‘nutrition shopping list’ for the kitchen (fruits and vegetables is provided for by the ‘planting programme’ in the Nutrition Garden.

The planting programme is a strictly defined regular area of a range of vegetables that is planted every two weeks.  This provides a regular, reliable amount of vegetables to the canteen or family kitchen, which is following a defined, repeating, nutrition-based menu.

Real Impact has developed a Nutrition Tool Box, which is an interactive database, where Nutrition Farm and Canteen Managers can collaborate to design both the menus and planting programmes.  Our advanced training courses provide capacity building for nutrition teams to link planting programmes and menus.

Agro-Nutrition is the basis of our training courses.  For more information about our Training Courses click here.