Real Impact

Persons with Disabilities

Veronica and David

Real Impact has a training plot on the nutrition demonstration farm dedicated to agricultural livelihoods for persons with disabilities (PWD).  Following multiple projects in partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability, the training plot consists of agricultural technologies and infrastructure designed to be suitable and user-friendly to different categories of PWD.

PWD in Kenya is an often over-looked issue which due to a large gap in society’s understanding of PWD and their contribution to economic productivity, particularly in agriculture.  The development of this plot and accompanying training courses aim to make positive steps towards equipping PWD with appropriate agricultural skills  to promote and encourage their income generation through agricultural participation.

The design of the site includes bag gardens, a small moringa tree coppice, rabbit production and a greenhouse which acts as a site for production of hydroponic fodder, seedling propagation and solar drying.   We are soon adding a charcoal cooler to this plot where the farm’s produce will be stored after harvesting; this too will be wheelchair accessible.

Pathways and railings provide additional support and guidance across the plot, allowing trainees to be more independent and confident as they carry out practical sessions and observe demonstrations for each technology.  A purpose-build rest area has also been built, giving trainees a shaded area for breaks, lunch and networking with others.

If you wish to discuss training opportunities please get in touch with us.