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Solar Drying

Solar dryer

Solar drying is a simple clean energy technology with plays a key part in food preservation and agro-nutrition.  It is a method of preserving a range of crops, from leafy vegetables to pulses and grains, which bridges the gap between harvests when food availability can be low. There are many designs for solar dryers but all work through the principle of removing moisture from the crop.  Along with being stored correctly, this process will allow produce to be safely stored for months longer than without drying.

At Real Impact we add value to solar drying by flouring certain dried crops such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins.  This flour can be used in many traditional flour-based foods, such as bread, chapatti, mandazi (doughnut) and cake.  This boosts the nutritional value of these foods because of the higher vitamin A and C content of sweet potato and pumpkin compared to maize and wheat flour.

Also our moringa leaf production goes through the process of solar drying before being powdered.

Solar drying is a useful technology for value addition, food bridging between harvests and retaining essential nutrients over longer periods of time.

Real Impact offers a training course on Food Processing and Cooking Methods for Nutrition.