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Real Impact on Kilimo Biashara

Posted By:Patrick Mathenge


Real Impact shoot

Kilimo Biashara visited Real Impact to film our very popular ‘bag gardens’. The programme was broadcast on K24 on Saturday 25th October 2014. You can watch the whole programme here-YouTube Video. During the filming our Real Impact Trainer, Julia, visited Major Rt Rev Francis Ndolo at Landless Estate, Kiambu County. Major Rt Rev Ndolo has 97 of Real Impact’s large size bags in which he grows sukuma wiki. After deducting expenses Francis can make Ksh100 000 per Month by selling the sukuma wiki to his neighbours and to the local market.

Francis says he likes Real Impact’s bag technology as the bags can be used up to 10 times, without having to replace them, thereby reducing the costs of production.Bag gardening is an inexpensive but high yielding food security technology developed by Real Impact, to maximises the use of land and water.

The bags are efficient for use in schools, hospitals, hotels, prisons and small scale farms.
The technology allows the growing of crops such as sukuma wiki, spinach, amaranth, onions, leeks etc etc in just one square meter.The large size bags have holes in the side where seedlings are planted. The bags come in small, medium and large sizes. Please call Julia on 0723407058 to place your order.


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