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Sewing Workshop

Posted By:Patrick Mathenge



Real Impact has developed these bags to be highly durable, UV protected and they can be used for up to 5 years.

Nutritious plants such as amaranth, sukuma wiki, spinach, nightshade and herbs can be grown in the same bag and production can be increased further by planting root crops such as beetroot, carrots, leeks or onions in the top of the bag.
The large bags, 700 litres, provide up to ten times more space than growing in the ground and are very water efficient. They have 80 heat sealed holes in the side where the leafy vegetables can be planted. The footprint is 0.5 meters squared providing a growing space of 4 meters squared.
Real Impact runs regular training courses on bag gardening.

Call 0723407058 to book your space on our next training course.

The ‘Bag Gardens’ can be ordered by calling 0723407058, bags cost, large Ksh 1100, medium Ksh 800 and small Ksh 600.

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