Real Impact


logos_realipm (2) Real Impact has managed projects on Agro-Nutrition sponsored by USAID and DFID. These programmes have funded Nutrition farms at schools, prisons, community health centres, hospitals and self help groups.

The commercial company, Real IPM (Kenya) Ltd is the major donor of Real Impact NGO, providing land, offices, training facilities and financial and technical support to the Real Impact operations.

If you are an aid agency and wish to work with us please contact us.

How can you help?

To sponsor a student on a course please contact us to arrange a donation. Just $USD 25 (2000 Ksh) sponsorship will enable an unsalaried community health worker or small-scale farmer to attend a nutrition or sustainable agronomy course.

A drip irrigated bag garden scheme with ten large bags and a rainwater harvesting tank will cost US$ 250 and will help a self-help group produce food in a small space.

A Self-Help Group, NGO or Extension Team would benefit from a 2-hour Farm Tour to see first hand all the Agro-Nutrition Technologies. Up to 20 people per group can be accommodated on one Farm Tour. The sponsorship needed is US$70.

To arrange a sponsorship please contact us.