Real Impact


Our training courses develop practical skills and understanding through ‘learning by doing’ with underpinning knowledge. A series of one-day courses are offered at the Real Impact Demonstration Farm in Thika. For more information please contact us.

Course fees

Kshs. 2,000 per person per day, including lunch and tea. 15% discount for groups of 10 or more. 25% discount for groups of 20 people.

Terms and conditions

To book please call Charles on +254 (0)723 407058 or email: For MPESA payments use our business number: 923300 and account number: 2014200004.  

Vertical Bag Gardening (1 day)

Bag Gardening is an inexpensive and high-yielding food security technology which Real Impact has developed.

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Bed System Agro-Nutrition (1 day)

This course provides a review of the processes of bed system production, including: farm design, crop rotation, biological pest control and drip line irrigation.

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Rabbit Farming (1 day)

This one day training educates trainees on the benefits of rabbit farming – how to make money and how to improve health.

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Vermiculture (1 day)

This course will teach trainees how to set up a worm unit to create organic fertiliser through nutrient recycling.

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Greenhouse Production and Plant Propagation (1 day)

Healthy vegetable and fruit tree transplants are more likely to lead to healthy crop production. Real IPM has developed biological crop protection and bio-fertilisers to ensure that crops are protected without excessive use of chemical pesticides.

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Aerobic Pile Composting (1 day)

Soil health is key to crop nutrition and turning a profit. This course will teach you how to create excellent compost.

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Zero-Grazing Dairy Cows, Hydroponic Fodder and Biogas Production (1 day)

Learn how to create a hydroponic fodder system and how to integrate a biogas and zero-grazing unit.

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Food Processing and Cooking Methods for Nutrition (1-2 days)

Communities that rely on seasonal rains as the only source of irrigation, need to be able to process vegetables into a form that can easily be stored. Moringa is a drought tolerant tree with highly nutritious leaves and seeds.

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Advanced Agro-Nutrition for Extension Officers (1-2 days)

Extension officers can improve nutrition and reduce costs if food can be produced on site, using local labour and water.

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Basic Nutrition for Farmers, Families and Communities (1-2 days)

Learn about protein, fats, carbohydrates and the main vitamins and minerals in an accessible way.

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